Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Today we had two seminars from people to do with online safety. One was from some guy who was in charge of the local authority safety.

He showed a slide of a bunch of pictures showing social media. One picture was of the Digg logo. There was no 4chan logo.

He talked on and on about the way kids can access porn and paedos can access shit like Omegle. Everyone in the room is sitting there shocked. "Oh my god - Omegle lets kids talk to total strangers????"

At one point he even said kids sometimes will go on it as a dare to see if they'll come into contact with a paedo.

At this point I realised the only people who actually give a fuck about paedos are adults - kids laugh it off.

Second guy to come in worked for PREVENT, some sort of government thing that works with MI5 to stop terrorism happening in schools. He actually said he was involved in "precrime". Not even kidding. That was what he did. So he's talking, being laid back and funny as fuck, which was actually a surprise. At one point he asks people what springs to mind when they think of terrorism. I say Columbine because I like to think I'm an edgy cunt who brings up school shootings instead of 9/11. He said 'Yeah, more of an American problem but yeah.' He eventually starts saying "well, 9/11 is what we think of" even though no one said it.

Oddly cool though - starts talking about how kids might start getting into conspiracy theories - says stuff like how Bush was a bit of a nutter, and then says "you can't blame them, seeing as in 1962, to encourage a war with Cuba, the US considered bombing themselves and blaming it on Cuba."

MFFW I google that and Operation Northwoods come up. The guy also starts mentioning random organisations - "you guys heard of The 14? Group 88?" and a load more whose names I can't really remember. Oddly cool. Half expected him to bring up The Asian Dawn.

Ultimately he kind of realised his message was just "if the students who you know better than I do start acting weird, call me." I like the idea that if I wanted to, I could actually utter the sentence, "Get me Agent Smith."

although I don't remember what his actual name was

Man - also the other guy was talking about posting on social media and how much shit gets revealed to people. Came home and some cunt from Ipsos Mori was there, asking me questions - hate how easily I let him get a ton of information :S

Man - also I'm considering deleting the stuff I put on LJ. Wonder if maybe it's worth just putting it all behind me. I dunno. I don't know much of anything anymore. Kind of need a mentor tbh, or at the very least someone to make me go do things.

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